Several cities in our country have transitioned into MGCQ, which has more lenient safety measures. Businesses can now operate but with restrictions, such as only 50% of usual customer capacity is allowed inside the establishments, skeletal forces are only allowed inside offices, public transport is limited but still inaccessible.

Because there is still no news of mass testings or any vaccines, coming back to your workplaces is still a long shot. For your business, it is unsafe for your employees to commute back and forth from their homes.

Many big companies have resorted to assigning “work from home” setups to several employees, even offering them to do it permanently - and here are some reasons why your business should, too.

Minimize costs, be more efficient!

Travel - Employees, even you as the owner, waste money and time due to busy traffic. Working from home cuts traveling expenses, thus having more time to be productive.

Supplies - Working from home needs an Internet connection, so the costs of buying office supplies, and other essentials such as bathroom tissue or water won’t be necessary.

Utilities - reduce your electric and water consumption, even business rent because everybody’s at their respective homes. It’s a win-win situation for both sides because the business incurs fewer expenses in a work from home setup.

Increase of employee morale

Around the world, remote working has shown an increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism. This is because employees have more control of their workspace -- they can have the freedom to modify their environment so they can be more comfortable and motivated.

Health is prioritized

WFH setup is not new. However, with the current situation and the shift to the New Normal, going outside poses a lot of risks. You as a business owner must put your employees’ health at a premium, and working from home minimizes the risk of exposure, or even being infected by the virus.

Your business might be near commercial places and the nearest restaurants offer foods that may make one full but aren’t exactly healthy. At home, you can cook your own food that is more nutritious. You and your employees can even have spare time to work out and get fit.

Technology does it faster and better

Going digital is the future of the workplace. Everything that you need to make your business functions easier such as financing, human resources management, scheduling, and others, can be done by a wide array of applications and platforms not to replace people, but to supplement their jobs. We have an article here on our favorite apps for businesses to make everything easier.