Filipinos prefer to do any transaction via cash but now that we are living in a pandemic, everyone has started moving to online transactions. As a business owner, you would like to adapt to that change but with so many options on how to pay and receive payments, you will likely want to know what those options are.

Digital wallets (also known as eWallet) are all the rave right now. It is an online prepaid account that stores digital currency that you can use for transactions online by the use of a smartphone or computer using an app. Much like reloading a phone, you may top-up your digital wallet through an authorized retailer.

Here is a list of the most popular eWallet providers in the Philippines:

Smart Money

Smart Money is one of the first to introduce eWallet in the Philippines. It is a web-based payment service that works like a credit card which you could use to pay bills. Users must have a Smart SIM because it will use your number to connect with your account.


Gcash works just like Smart Money which means your smartphone must have a Globe SIM to activate it because it will link your account with your phone number and can also be used to pay bills.


Is a payment gateway launched in 2010 which offers online payment via banks or PayPal or through its partner banks and payment centers.


7 Connect

7Eleven’s payment option that is gaining traction for online sellers and buyers because of its availability and because of how often people in the Philippines use convenience stores.


Online Bank Transfer is also a popular mode of payment in the Philippines. You can send and receive money thru the bank’s website or app.

Over-the-counter (OTC) is a cash transfer through the means of a debit or credit card or physical cash to the cashier. This is the most prefered method of payment by Filipinos and affects their opinion on which store to buy.

Cash on Delivery Payment Services are for those who don’t have a way to pay cashless. This payment method is used by transferring cash from the customer to the delivery personnel in exchange for the goods delivered and it is the preferred method by Filipinos regarding shopping or ordering online.



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