4 Reasons to Use Ads on Facebook

  • Everyone is on Facebook. It currently has 2.7 billion users! The trick with using Facebook ads is you don’t have to target them all. You just have to select a certain audience, and make sure that they click on your ad.
  • Anyone can create a page in a click. When starting out you have many options to choose from.
  • Reach the customers you want to sell to. There is an option to target the interests  of people on Facebook. This is found in the Ad Center section of your page. For MSMEs, this is an advantage for providers such as wholesale, retail, and repair services. Example: if you sell automotive parts, you can direct your ads to people who own or are interested in cars.
  • Content can go viral. If your ad is interesting enough, it will be shared to millions at no extra cost.

4 Reasons Not to Use Facebook Ads

  • Boosting a single post. This requires extra budget from your business and it may bring unwanted attention.
  • Users have to view it themselves. This is only seen when a user is logged-into the site and it appears on their feed.
  • Time consuming. Making an ad takes time and effort to appear on your page. If your ad doesn’t catch their attention, it will be ignored.
  • Having no strategy. While having a page sounds nice on paper it is best to have a posting schedule to keep your audience engaged.

Ads on Facebook are a tricky thing to do at first. Once you find the opportunity, use that to your advantage to make your product or service well-known. Keep going until you find the best one for you and the business.



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