2020 has already hit us with tons of unexpected challenges and unforeseen circumstances, and it never failed to give us the ultimate wave which is the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a sudden change of lifestyle for students, health practitioners, industry workers, and the corporate world. It has forced everyone to stay home and start working from there.

Despite battling the pandemic, we still have our work lives to keep up with.  Here are some ways to build a better work from home experience during this adaptation to the new normal:

Make the most out of your resources

Working from home demands a good set of materials to achieve that new normal work life, ranging from a functional laptop to high speed internet connection. Take the time to work with what you have at the moment. Try out your laptop and see its functionality or start traditional by having a notebook and paper. Although it can be quite a struggle at first, if we can overcome a pandemic, we can overcome the challenges of working from our homes.


Clean up your working space

According to the Cleaning Services Group, a clean working space can boost productivity. Start with keeping away unnecessary items, organize your paperworks, settle all items needed for the day, and maybe put a little touch of nature like a potted plant by your desk. Surely you will be good to go through a day of hard work. During this pandemic we are more motivated to work efficiently so start clearing up your desk.


Free your workplace from distractions

The noise of the difficult challenges in this pandemic is deafening but luckily we can control the distractions at home. It is highly recommended to put your work space in your room where there is enough privacy and away from other house noises. Make sure to make your loved ones understand that you need some quiet time at work. The less distractions, the more peaceful and focused you are in accomplishing tasks.


Have a good morning routine

We do not want to add up to the crankiness and stress this pandemic brings so it is important to start your day right. Make sure to get up bright and early in the morning, do some meditation, exercise and grab a healthy breakfast meal plus it won’t hurt to give yourself some motivational words of wisdom. When all of these are done, it is more than enough to keep your mind focused throughout the workday.


Here are some free apps that can boost your daily meditation:

*All apps are available for free in IOS and Android


Make sure to take breaks

Working from home especially adapting to it is quite a challenge so it is important to break from it once in a while. Make your work break worthwhile by grabbing a delicious and healthy snack, having a little chat with your loved ones, scrolling through the fun stuff on social media then having a good stretch. This will not only prevent you from getting burnt out, it will also stabilize your mental and physical stamina.

In a nutshell, adapting to a work from home setup is tedious and takes a lot of effort but with following these tips and tricks, you will for sure continuously have a productive work day just like how you did in your office setting.