The COVID-19 pandemic surely has affected almost all industries - from agriculture to transportation, no one is exempted from this challenging time. However, there are some industries that, albeit affected, are surviving the current situation more than the other industries.

If your industry is heavily affected by the pandemic (e.g. the tourism industry), you might want to explore pivoting to other industries that will still thrive and continue to grow amid the global crisis.

Here are five thriving industries during the COVID-19 crisis:

Human Health and Social Work Activities

Of course, the leading industry during the COVID-19 pandemic would be health, with COVID-19 being a health problem. Both public and private hospitals are full of patients needing medical help and health workers are also part of the pandemic’s frontliners. The area of telehealth also thrives, as cases not related to COVID-19 are having telecommunication sessions instead. It has been a roller-coaster ride for the human health industry.

Social work is another industry that is coping, as the number of people needing help during the pandemic continues to rise. The distribution of food packages and relief goods is still ongoing and social workers are also considered frontliners of the pandemic. Social work is considered an essential part of the fight against COVID-19 as they help protect communities from the virus.

Digital Entertainment

COVID-19 accelerates digital entertainment in the Philippines. A huge number of Filipinos are staying at home, therefore giving more time for them to check out Netflix and other forms of digital entertainment. People also resort to mobile apps such as Tiktok become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Families and friends who are also stuck together during the quarantine resort to online group games such as Monopoly and Exploding Kittens. Various artists such as Ben & Ben also create online concerts not only for people’s entertainment but also for raising funds to help in the COVID-19 pandemic. People all went digital during the COVID-19 crisis - that includes entertainment.


Electricity/Power made it to the list because the number of people staying in their homes increased. A huge population is quarantined to their homes, resulting in large usage of home appliances. This quarantine period showed how people need reliable electricity. Electricity is also essential for hospitals and medical equipment to run and for information to be delivered to other people.

Through electricity and power, people survive their daily lives. Its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Meralco to enhance the service they give to the Filipino people, especially to the health sector.

Essential Retail

Essential retail such as groceries, markets, and drugstores evidently thrived during the COVID-19 crisis. At the announcement of the enhanced community quarantine, people headed to groceries and markets right away. Most hoarded basic necessities, which prompted local government units to create anti-hoarding executive orders. As the demand for alternative medicines for COVID-19 symptoms also grew, drugstores are moved to remain open during the quarantine.


Lastly, telecommunications also continues to grow amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees working from their homes are required to have virtual meetings. Mediums for telecommunications such as Zoom began to see an increase in demand. Other doctors also result in using telecommunication apps such as Doxy.me to consult with their patients. Virtual communication is the only way for people to stay connected while physically apart. Having virtual meetings is also a way to stay productive during these challenging times. Definitely, telecommunications are one of the industries that grew during this time of emergency.

Other industries are still operating even with limited movement, but these are the industries that thrived the most during this time!


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