None of us expected what happened in the past two months and what is still happening now. Despite the fact that the majority of the country is now on General Community Quarantine (GCQ) status, NCR as the center of commerce and trade remains to be under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine.

MSMEs are hardly affected by this crisis in the entire country and all over the world. It’s a make or break situation for them. There is no turning back.

In order for this sector to further cope and mitigate the unimaginable impact of COVID-19 to their business, the government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has provided a much easier, reliable and faster process to register, renew or request for Certification. Indeed, true to their promise of ease of doing business.

Everything will be done online and the service is available 24/7. Follow these simple steps to complete the Certification process.  It will take you not days, not weeks but minutes to get the Certification you need. Please take note that this process does not include the Cancellation or Authentication of the Certificate.

Step 1: Visit the website: bnrs.dti.gov.ph. Find the Business Name Services tab next to the About BNRS. Click that tab and you can find the type of Certification process you need to undertake.

Step 2: Accomplish the required forms for new registration or renewal. Provide the necessary information about you as the owner and details about your business.

Step 3. Pay the necessary fees through your choice of payment schemes. Yes, you read it right. The platform provides you the freedom for options to transact through the different channels.

Step 4.  Download your Certificate of Registration. If you have concerns, you can send all your communication through this email address: BNRSHelpdesk@dti.gov.ph

Truly, this initiative of the DTI is the early sunshine during and not after the COVID-19 storm. Everybody is now making a lot of adjustments to fight this virus and its impact on us.  From the way we communicate with our loved ones, to the way we do business. Ultimately, we all wanted to be safe, to survive and to see or hug each other again at the end of this journey.

So, go get your smart phones or grab your desktop computers or laptops and start the ride to get your business certified.