Why should you use QR codes for your business?

Before we give you the pros for using QR codes, you need to know what they are. A QR (Quick Response) code is essentially a 2D barcode that can be used for operational and management purposes with the use of a mobile device with a scanner app installed.

Here are the benefits of using QR codes:

Marketing tool - A QR code is a fast way to deliver coupons and discounts for patrons and future customers while advertising your business by simply attaching it on your posters or any advertising materials.

Company awareness - More often than not, posters can be misunderstood, so why not use QR codes to do the talking? These barcodes can redirect interested customers to a video, blog or your own website to inform them further about the business you have and what you offer for them.

Paperless surveys - Now that we are in a pandemic, businesses hand out little paper surveys to fill out --  imagine doing the same process with your smartphone. You don’t have to waste paper or pass around pens that random people use.

Cashless payments - e-Wallets use QR codes for the ease of payment among users. Since we are starting to go digital, a QR code is easier to use in completing transactions.

Navigation - QR codes can direct you to a website or a user’s profile so you can obtain the information you need quickly!

Accounts - Like barcodes, they can help keep track of your accounts whether it be of your social media, bank, transactions, and others.


Make your own QR Code!

As mentioned earlier, businesses and other establishments give out forms to fill out (for example, contact tracing). To lessen the hassle, A QR Code Generator app has been created to make an easier and faster record of visitors in a certain area.

ScanMo.Co is a QR Code scanner app which aims to provide tagging and contact tracing between people visiting establishments, as well as the employees working in the institution. Visitors will answer a health checklist declaration QR code at establishment entrances to provide a fast recording system of all they’ve interacted with.

The app has a history feature of a person’s interactions - if someone catches COVID-19, all the people included in the history will be notified.

Making a personal account is free! You’ll have a QR code generator, unlimited scans, and an activity tracker. There is also an Enterprise and Business account, which comes with a monthly or yearly subscription.

To get more information, visit: https://www.scanmo.co/.