Everybody is striving their best to adjust and adapt to the new normal and one of it is a change of diet. Here are some in-demand food item you can sell during this pandemic:

The glow foods

Everyone has the sudden urge to give their immune systems extra attention. Excuses used before to avoid eating vegetables are now thrown out the window because we all want to become healthier and stronger. So why not give a hearty hand out and start selling some vegetables and fruits.

The greens

Nothing feels light, healthy and fresh more than the green leafy vegetables. It extends to so many kinds from the famous salad lettuce to meal ingredients like cabbage and kangkong. This will sure appeal to a lot of consumers.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C strengthens our immune system. So grab some of those oranges and lemons.It will surely bring bright and colorful health nourishment for your customers.

The proteins 

Nothing is better than a balanced diet filled with some meat and fish. Getting your hands on quality grow food products will surely appeal to a lot of people. Start by canvassing quality meat then start up your social media page and start marketing.

The cheat day treats

A week of indulging in heavenly healthy food is not complete without a cheat day. Plus, a little sweet treat will cure the little anxieties we encounter almost everyday.

Ube Cheese Pandesal 

a newly created treat that is very famous during this pandemic. It is a Filipino bread called pandesal flavored with ube and filled with creamy cheese.

Mango graham cakes

An easy to make cake with graham crackers filled with a simple cream and real mango slices. It online requires a few ingredients that is why it saves a budget too.

Filipino desserts

Nothing is more affordable and nostalgic than Filipino “kakanin”. Being Filipino, there are all sorts of treats like maja blancas, turon, biko and a whole lot more.

A good advantage with dessert is that it appeals visually. Giive your shop a classy or maybe even a witty name, then start putting up your page. Dessert will never fail to win anyone’s sweet tooth.

This current situation of ours has made us realize that eating healthy is important. We should never forget to keep a balanced diet for a balanced life. And an even better way to do it is to serve you good by selling out some delicious eats to satisfy quaran-cravings.