There’s no problem if you still use the old stuff for your business - piles of record books, gluing posters to walls, calling telephone numbers to contact suppliers. However, technology has now made running our businesses easier, connecting people faster, and organizing files better. Here are online tools that are either free or come with a free trial!


SEMrush - SEMrush claims as the world’s leading service provider in creating marketing campaigns and online visibility. They make sure that it’s your business that comes up first whenever it’s searched on Google, helping you increase your sales. They also study and analyze your competitors’ ads, content, and social media activities. Sign up for their free trial at https://www.semrush.com.

iConcept Global Advertising Inc. - iConcept is a Philippines-based marketing and advertising company. They offer online and mobile solutions such as web design, online presence, cloud web hosting, and so much more, to bring your business to your goals. Get a quote at https://iconcept.com.ph.


Timify - Timify is an online scheduling and resource management software to organize meetings with clients, suppliers, customers, bookings, and resources. It also lets you sync your business’ existing IT structure and calendars to this software. It offers a free version, and two other paid versions with more features and customizations. Start your free trial at https://www.timify.com/en-gb/plans/.

Calendly - Calendly is a simple scheduling tool. It has an easy configuration, an easy user interface, and is collaborative among you and your customers because it lets you set a meeting where you both agree to, so time to schedule interviews is reduced. It works with Google and Microsoft, so you can sync your calendar invites to one calendar. The subscription is only $8 per month! Sign up for a free trial at https://calendly.com.

HR Management

Sprout Solutions - Sprout Solutions is committed to transforming HR in emerging markets in a developing country. Enjoy paperless recruitment and payroll processing with this Philippines-based software for human resources management. Users can view documents, file for leaves, and claim payslips, check daily log-ins. Take a look at their products and pricing at https://sprout.ph/hrhub/.

GreatDay HR - GreatDay HR lets you minimize and simplify your HR administration all in a few clicks in a few apps. Monitor attendance, payroll, and schedules. Manage recruitment, expenses, and data. Try it for free or request a demo at https://greatdayhr.com.


Sales Monitoring

Xero - Xero is a business and accounting software that is in-the-cloud, so sales, reports, expenses, bills, and other related information can easily be accessed anywhere and anytime. It can also create records for each customer and supplier. If you currently have sales data on spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel, you can import it into Xero through a direct-conversion tool. They offer a 30-day trial and currently has 3 paid versions. Check out their products and their pricing at https://www.xero.com/ph/pricing/.

SmartBooks - SmartBooks is perfect for small businesses. It allows you to access and control 24/7. An accountant is assigned to your record, and bookkeeping is done in real-time, so you can contact your assigned accountant for any questions. You can also set meetings with their senior accountant to discuss your books. Its features include monthly financial statements, fixed assets accounting, equity accounting, sales tax, and many more. The Lite version is only for P1,499 per month, while the Premium version is for P1,999 per month. Avail of their free trial at https://smartbooks.ph/pricing.

These are only a few of the many online tools available that address a specific need for a business. Take one of these apps for a spin and see if it helps you and your business!



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