This pandemic has forced us to make changes in our lives and the business world is not safe from that. Over these past few months a lot of us have switched to online selling. Fortunately, some have found their business to be a booming success. Anika Barrios, a university student, has found her place in the online business world with her delicious banana bread. Let’s Go Bananas was established on June 7, 2020 and an estimate of 120 banana bread sold in just two months.

Here is a little insight from her:

How did you come up with selling banana bread?

          My mom has already been baking banana bread for my family. Ever since schooling stopped and ECQ started, I tried to make banana smoothies then eventually decided on baking banana bread like my mother. For my first tries, they were a complete fail. It was dry and did not taste like my mom’s at all but that did not stop me. I had a few more tries then eventually got the soft and yummy banana bread. After weeks of mastery, I decided to open my online banana bread business. 


What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Having a dry and poor batch of banana bread was inevitable, sometimes I would think I got the hang of it but I could not avoid some baking mishaps and mistakes. I could consider that one of the frustrating challenges I go through. Another one is that there are “tumal” days which I know are inevitable as well but I just went on with my business and it has been fine so far.


Who were the people who helped you establish your business?

As a student, I really needed to call for help and of course my parents were at their utmost support. We are a team. I bake the banana bread, my mom does the finishing touches on the bread and my dad manages the oven and guards our bread.

Let’s Go Bananas is still producing quality and delicious banana bread. It started with just 2 flavors and now you can choose from a variety of 15 flavors. Anika is indeed a testament that your online business can bloom with hard work and never giving up.


You can get a taste of Let’s Go Bananas Banana Bread at:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letsgooobananas-112750597155067
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/letsgooobananas?igshid=r4l4zzn885sr