The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization in every field of the economy and society. Never before have the massive potential and necessity of digital solutions become more evident than when all sectors have had to operate within the limitations of lockdown.


But digital transformation has not come easy. Processes that were conducted in traditional, analog ways now need to adapt to the rapidly-evolving digital framework. Both the business and education sectors have had to adapt and innovate by moving their operations online.


Essential transactions such as selling and marketing goods and services, coordinating with customers and business partners, and communicating with employees are now being done electronically. Online learning is quickly becoming the norm as the education sector has had to adapt to the new normal, exploring innovative ways of training and development while maintaining the quality of information being delivered.


Last October 27, the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, in collaboration with Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) through the Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep) conducted a webinar called “The Digital Shift: Adapting to Business and Education Challenges in the New Normal” which provided MSMEs and educators with much-needed guidance on making this transition including: conducting online marketing and training, analyzing consumer behavior, embracing e-commerce, and securing their data online. The lessons learned from this session helped MSMEs and educators pivot their operations to digital models that will be sustainable beyond the pandemic.


This webinar also achieved the following:

1.)  Enumerated and explained various government initiatives related to support continuity in the new normal;

2.)  Discussed innovations and opportunities for MSMEs;

3.)  Discussed innovation and opportunities to support learning continuity; and

4.)  Identified and explained how the shift to digitalization (e-commerce and e-learning) has helped stakeholders adjust to the new normal.


Photo by fabio on Unsplash