The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently approved the operation of Investree Philippines, the first crowdfunding platform in the country, that aims to help MSMEs on their road to economic recovery and growth.


Investree is a leading fintech company founded in 2015 in Indonesia that has since expanded its operations to Thailand and now the Philippines. The company has used data and technology to help more than 1,400 businesses with their financing needs.


Investree's mission is to improve the accessibility and affordability of working capital for MSMEs. They provide short-term financing to help MSMEs with their cash flow. While they do not provide the funds themselves, Investree provides the platform that will connect MSMEs with other investors.


According to their FAQs, "Investree offers uncollateralized financing and can fast-track your application by consolidating all the requirements first before coordinating with you for the rest. Additionally, a new applicant can get the funds in as little as 7 business days. What's more, all fees and charges will be made transparent to you from the very start so that nothing is hidden."


Their main services include:

  • Invoice Financing - where you let Investree finance your company expenses and business opportunities
  • Purchase Order Financing - where you are able to fulfill customer demands so that you can keep your business growing



Visit their website to learn more about Investree today.