The buzzword New Normal -- which you might have probably heard several times already in the news, is an economic term to describe the situation of a country after something abnormal has happened. In the case of COVID-19, the whole world is undergoing the New Normal, and MSMEs like yours are greatly affected by the crisis.

We understand how hard this can be. And as you prepare to get your business functioning and well again, we share you some tips to get your livelihood ready:


This crisis has caused many establishments to improve their typical operations, such as logistics and transactions. Apps such as LalaMove are delivery services online so your products can reach your customers.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with your customers online, through Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram. It is also important that you keep in touch with your customers so they can be updated of your operating hours, the available products you sell, your menu, and the methods that they can pay for their purchase. This is not only for customer contact, but with your employees, too! Don’t forget to constantly check up on their situation and wellbeing.

Engage your business too on FB groups where sellers can post their products and buyers can comment on them. Here are some of the FB groups we found:

BounceBack PH

Buy and Sell Philippines Marketplace

Buy Sell & Trade Online Business Philippines

Buy & Sell MarketPlace Philippines

Remember that you have to be approved by the administrator and obey the rules and regulations that they set.

Listen to your customers

As much as how every sector is affected and should change their operations, consumer behavior will change too.

Because there would be limited contact with your customers when your business re-opens, you may conduct surveys through e-mails or through messaging them that they can answer and submit comments on how you can serve them better, or to just simply how they got through the quarantine without your services. You can ask them questions such as, “During the quarantine, what product (of your business) did you miss the most?” “What was your alternative at home when our services weren't available?” “How did you buy groceries during the quarantine?”

Another way to listen to your market is to go on social media and observe the posts of people. You can observe what product they should have according to their needs.

Keep an eye for opportunities

Another way for innovation to take place is to look for opportunities in problems. Through creativity and innovation, you can easily solve the problems that your business may be currently facing.

For example, everybody is at their homes in quarantine. That means people have a lot more time on their hands. At the same time, they want to be productive. What is something that requires a lot of attention, at the same, time, you can reap what you can sow? Gardening. A business opportunity could be to sell a gardening kit, seeds that you can grow in your backyard, plant pots, etc. the key is to be on the lookout, and to think of a creative answer to a problem.

The bottom line is in order for you to sustain your livelihood, it would call for necessary adjustments and you have to go all out.