One of the most important rules of business is keeping a good relationship with your customers. It takes a lot of effort to keep a person loyal especially now that everything is going virtual. Virtually maintaining customer relationships is something we are yet to master and adapt to.

Here are 3 ways to maintaining customer relationships virtually:

Activate your social media platforms and listen to your customers

Social media fills the gap between buyer-seller relationships during this pandemic. Make sure to be active in answering their messages and emails. Constant communication with your customers can go a long way with your relationship with them.

Take feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is always essential for your business to keep them satisfied. There are a ton of ways to reach your customers for feedback.

  • Sending out surveys through email or private message.
  • Schedule virtual focus group calls for willing customers.
  • Post automated polls and publication materials where they can comment on their feedback and suggestions.

It will not only maintain your relationship with your customers, it will also increase your engagement in social media where more people can acknowledge your company.


Go beyond expectations

This pandemic has limited our activities so it would be a better choice to think outside the box to continuously impress customers by exceeding their expectations in a virtual setting.

Post creative publication materials. Be visually innovative! Customers would love to see new and eye-pleasing posters.
Campaign for a good advocacy especially about this pandemic. Try partnering with organizations who are campaigning for a cause that your company can potentially advocate for. Make sure it is a timely campaign and a good example is helping to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic.
Produce creative videos once in a while and engage with your customers.
Set a couple of mini games to uplift their mood.