There is an art to sending the perfect holiday cards. One does not simply send generic greetings in bulk to everyone on your contacts list. Sincere and special expressions of appreciation and gratitude require some effort, but will reap many worthwhile rewards.


We've already tackled the importance of sending holiday cards as a way of crafting a personalized customer experience. Now, let's get down to the process of doing so effectively.


Here are some practical tips on sending your holiday business cards:

  • BE ORGANIZED. Plan everything in advance. Double-check your directories and make sure that all contact details are updated. Choose tasteful designs and compose coherent messages. And finalize your list of recipients as soon as you can.
  • TIMELINESS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Don't procrastinate. Once you've got everything ready, make sure to send out your cards on time, while they are still relevant. You may also encounter challenges with courier services being busier than usual so it's better to send things out early if the cards and letters are well-prepared.
  • PERSONALIZATION IS KEY. You may be sending at the same time as everyone else but if your cards are unique enough, they will stand out. As mentioned above, do not rely on generic greeting templates but take time to really compose messages that will be meaningful to each recipient.
  • ADD YOUR BRANDING BUT DON'T MAKE A SALES PITCH. Make sure that some of your branding is still visible on your greeting cards. You don't want your card to get lost in the sea of greetings from everyone else. But be tasteful about this and do not take this opportunity to make a sales pitch. Cards are about showing your gratitude and appreciation for customers, not for getting them to buy anything. There will be opportunities enough for the latter all year round. You are simply reminding them of how much you value their patronage.
  • BE CONSISTENT. Once you start, you have to follow through. By setting a precedent, you are already setting expectations, and you need to make sure you meet these every year. Sending cards at random will make little impact but sending them regularly will be a good sign of how much you truly value the contributions of the recipients. So once you start this tradition, keep it going, and see what wonders it will bring you.

We hope that these simple tips will help you make the most of sending your holiday cards this year! It's never too late to start this good habit, and it will definitely help your business grow and improve in the years to come. Simple gestures can still make a world of difference.


Happy Holidays!