These times of change have brought us to many adjustments that forced us to adapt and find ways to cope. Because of this, our ways of food safety have also changed to a more cautious and conscious way.


Wipe up that packaging

Passing on food packaging gets in contact with other people. However, according to the World Health Organization, food delivery is safer when it follows proper hygiene. Never forget to wear a mask beforehand, and once you receive your food package, make sure to wipe it off with a clean towel or tissue paper. Never forget to wash your hands to sanitize. You would always want you and your food to be secure all the time.

Ready. Check. Eat

Double checking your food and its packaging won’t hurt especially at these health conscious times. Before your purchase, make sure to have a seller background check. Do they have good reviews? Do they show pictures of their items being packaged well? Consider some of these factors before messaging for order. Once you get your food, make sure to lay them out well and observe its presentation. Make sure to give it a little taste before indulging. Afterwards, store it well in your refrigerator.


Find natural ways to preserve food

Due to the limitations of going outside, we want our food stocked at home to have a longer shelf life. It is important to find out the shelf life of your food whether it is raw meat, vegetables or canned goods. An important tip is when you are cooking a certain meal, research on its shelf life and how to preserve it a little longer than usual so as not to waste food. We have always tried our best for our food not to go to waste but these extraordinary times motivate us to take care of our food even more.


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