Facebook is now where everybody goes if they want to buy just about anything for their household - food, furniture, appliances, and anything! As a seller, you want customers to come to your Page and buy what you sell. Having many likes would mean more people who will see your posts, would be interested in your products!

But how do you begin to have more likes for your Facebook Page? We have gathered the most common (but effective!) ways to earn more likes and followers that would ACTUALLY buy your products:

Who do you think needs your product the most? 

First and foremost, you have to identify your audience. These are the people who would be seeing your Facebook Page, so it is important that what you will post will cater to their needs. If you advertise your product to everyone, it would be difficult for you to ensure that they will buy it because they won’t see the need to buy your product. But if you choose a particular group of people, you will be sure how to post about your product, who to contact in buying your product, etc.

What is your business all about?

Many businesses do not seem to care about informing their audience about who they are as a business - this is actually a wrong move! The About section may not be seen easily, but customers would love to know more information about your business - what are your products made of? Where are they from? Who started the business?

When you create your Facebook Page for the first time, the About section prompts up - don’t skip this step. Take the time to fill it up so you won’t have to do it later.

What does your business look like?

We’re not talking about your product’s photos or the owners’ selfies -- we’re talking about a visual representation of your business. This can be a logo or an image containing the name of your business, in a creative and visually-compelling way. Why is this important? Naturally, Facebook users are drawn to posts that are appealing to their eyes. Take note that when a user sees your Page on their news feed, the first things that they will see are your Page’s profile photo and the cover image. Creating a logo or a profile photo for your Page needs some thinking because it will be your business’ identity. For the cover image, it can contain your contact information and details.

Post at the right time

This might take some trial and error,  but knowing when your target customers are online and on Facebook will be very useful for your Page. As soon as you post when they are scrolling through their Facebook news feed, your post will come up first, and since they are your target audience, they will click and check out your Page.

Reply to messages FAST

Always, always check your Page’s Inbox! Some potential customers might be shy to comment on a post or have a few questions about your product. The inbox is where you can have a one-to-one and in-depth conversation with your audience, so  always reply!

TIP: Replying in less than five minutes to 90% of your messages will earn you the “Responsive to messages” badge! This badge will be displayed on the front of your Page, so customers will know that you can be trusted.



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