Are you ready for a new kind of superhero?  


SIKAP, in partnership with UPS, has created a comic book (yes, you read that right, COMIC BOOK) chronicling the epic journey of an intrepid MSME owner during the trials of the pandemic. This one-of-a-kind product aims to bring hope and inspiration to struggling MSMEs in a creative way while also educating them on the basics of business continuity.  


The comic is called DIMATINAG from the Filipino term “‘di matinag”, not easily pushed or broken, unyielding. The hero is Tina, the owner of a small restaurant struggling in the wake of the pandemic and ECQ. While brave and strong, she finds herself helpless when the crisis started taking its toll on MSMEs—till one fateful day, she discovers a special kind of power (thanks to "Katatagan in a Box") that augments her never-say-die entrepreneurial spirit.  


It’s a tale of evolution and resilience, as the protagonist learns the power of business continuity while making it her mission to help her fellowmen triumph over the COVID-19 crisis.  


The comic book will be launched during the "Lakbay SIKAP: Forging Resilience for MSMEs" event. You can also access the entire book online by clicking HERE.


SIKAP is committed to providing creative and innovative tools for MSMEs on their journey to resilience and the DIMATINAG comic book is just one of the many ways that we try to guide business owners on this epic adventure.  


Some background on the Cover:


The main protagonist, in her “superhero” form, stands on a Narra tree branch overlooking a town filled with MSME shops as a new day dawns. The national tree symbolizes the strength of the Filipino spirit and its blooming flowers, along with the sunrise, visualize hope. The floating pink specks represent the virus, hovering, yet having no effect in the presence of a resilient entrepreneur.