Overseas Filipino Workers make a significant contribution to their family’s income. The pandemic has forced many of them to return home to build their lives anew. Luckily, they won’t need to start from scratch because they’ve got a lot of experiences under their belt that will give them an edge to bounce back from this crisis.

5 Businesses OFWs Can Run

Online Store - With the rise of online shopping, OFWs can easily enter this market! You can sell a wide range of products from clothes, beauty products and even fresh produce. Setting one up can be as simple as making a Facebook page for your new business
Laundry Services - This is an essential service to those households who do not have the time or resources to wash their clothes. One must take note of the cost of equipment, rent, and initial inventory. And don’t forget that you will also need a dedicated space.
Cleaning Services - Similar to a laundromat, but more catered towards homeowners who don’t have extra time to clean their homes. Depending on your services, it may be a money-based business. The best part is you don’t need to rent an extra space.
Logistics - Delivery services are booming these days. You can start off by using your own motorcycle for delivering food or other products and then, as time goes on, you can expand by hiring other riders.
Water Refilling Station - An essential business for those who need potable water. It is also a daily need! However, not everyone can easily get clean water. If you know a place where drinking water is scarce, you can take advantage of this as a business opportunity while also providing an important service to the community.
OFWs have the upper hand to run a business using the expertise and experience gained from their years abroad. They can use their existing connections or resources to make up for lost time. Setting up a new business with continuous support from their families will help OFWs make the most of their return home so that they can build a better future for themselves.



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