The pandemic showed caused unprecedented damage to supply chains, leading to disruption in business operations and, in some cases, even a complete  stoppage. Business owners face the challenges of maintaining their financial resources, sustaining their  workforce, and managing the production of goods and services delivered. But not all are able to easily respond and adapt to economic shocks.  


Fortunately, there are a lot of available resources to help MSMEs learn more about how they can sustainably secure their business operations against different hazards.  


The Philippine Disaster  Resilience Foundation, in collaboration with the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) through the  Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep), recently conducted a webinar entitled “Pandemic Adaptive and Resilient MSME  supply chains."  


The learning event presented the current situation and current trends of MSME supply chain in the country, provided insights on continuity strategies to make a supply chain more adaptive and resilient and highlighted the experiences of enterprises that could secure their supply chains during the  height of the quarantine measures.  


One of the resource speakers was Mr. Charlie Villaseñor, Chairman of the Procurement & Supply Institute of Asia, who provided some valuable advice to all MSMES:

  • Plan properly your demand and supply
  • Acquire the goods at the most advantageous deals
  • Make sure you can distribute it and deliver it in the most effective and best way

He also gave some tips on how they can survive in this new landscape, shaped by the various challenges brought about by the pandemic and other disruptions:

1. Position yourself to combat the uncertainties.

2. Mitigate the risk that you’re going to face.

3. Thrive, find the best ways to improve your process.  


This is a brief glimpse of Mr. Villaseñor's comprehensive presentation. We will be posting more about building supply chain resilience to help our readers learn as much as they can.  


(Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash)