Many e-commerce businesses have been created since the pandemic. These range from casual online sellers to the established markets who have shifted to digital to respond to the new health and safety protocols. And one crucial part of an online business is logistics and finding effective ways to transport one’s products.


Here are 3 online delivery sites that you can count on quality service for your products to be delivered safely and in  best condition.


  • LBC

LBC has been a pioneer in the logistics industry since the 1950's, starting from cargos and expanding towards the express courier service throughout the years. They offer an array of delivery services based on your needs. They deliver anything from important documents to packages, large and small!

There are three options to choose from: Land Freight, Air Freight, and Sea Route.


  • Ninja Van

Ninja Van is trusted by more than 600,000 customers across Southeast Asia. Catering from big e-commerce platforms to casual online business owners makes them another great option for your local and international deliveries. The user interface plays a vital role in choosing a service to use. The easier it is to navigate, the higher chance that you, as a seller, would prefer this over anything. With your personalised dashboard, creating new shipments and managing existing ones have never been easier.

Ninja Van also offers Flexible Parcel Pickups, this makes choosing a different location for pickup /drop off points easier via their dashboard online. you have the freedom to choose your time slot to get your products delivered! Lastly, we’re all aware of the safety measures consumers practice when buying online and as much as possible, they prefer cash on delivery (COD). If you’re looking for an edge for your business relationship with your customer, Ninja Van provides this option.


  • MrSpeedy

A Thai courier service that launched here in the Philippines last year is thriving amidst pandemic. MrSpeedy works closely with MSMEs to ensure great delivery service by delivering their products safely at the cheapest price in the market. If your customer is seeking for a same day delivery, MrSpeedy has this option available just for you! You also have two options for the vehicle that you need for your delivery: a car or a motorcycle.

When it comes to scheduling your delivery, you have the flexibility to book it anytime, whether you want to deliver them now or schedule them later which is a great option if you want your customer to not miss out on their parcel delivery!


These are just three of the top providers of delivery services but the choice is yours. Always keep in mind that each service carries their own brand and appeal in the eyes of the consumer. We hope that this article has helped you decide for your online business and good luck!