Social media has helped lots of businesses nowadays in promoting their products. Along with expanding your audience and interacting with your customers, social networks give you the opportunity to promote your products and generate interest in your brand.

I have here five methods to endorse your merchandise on social media & be well known.

1. Offer Social Proof to Form Confidence in Your Product

To succeed with product promotion, you have to do more than just post advertisements on your social accounts. Get creative. Provide social proof to build consumer trust in your product. Customers that offer testimonials and reviews act as influencers to promote your products to consumers in a positive way. Post a customer photo of your product in action. Mention the customer in your post (link to their page or mention their username) and link to your product.

2. Do Contests

Contests are a great way to generate buzz about your product and expand your brand’s reach. The great thing about a contest is that it allows you to promote your product without actually advertising it. Keep the contest simple and fun. Make your giveaway accessible to all participants, and make sure the prize is worthwhile. Let’s say your shop sold cheap Prada bags. Giving away a Prada replica would certainly catch the attention of your followers and get them to participate.

3. Offer Deals

Use your social media accounts to share your deals and promo codes. Yes, you’re advertising your brand and products, but you’re giving your followers a chance to save money on their purchases. Try running exclusive deals on your social accounts to keep your followers engaged and make them feel special.

4. Increase Merchandise Associations to Instagram Stories

Instagram feeds are now sorted by popularity rather than chronological order, which makes it more difficult to get your posts seen by followers. Stories are a great way to bypass this and get your brand in front of your target audience. Stories allow you to include mentions and links, which makes it easier for viewers to see and shop your products. When including links in your Stories, viewers can swipe up on the See More tab. Viewers can then be taken directly to your shop or blog where your products are sold. The great thing about the Instagram app is that it opens the page in the same app, so it’s a seamless transition.

5. Make Sure Your Clients Recognize Your Social Media Links

If you run an online store, you should already be sharing the links to your social accounts. But if you own a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll need to tell your customers about your social accounts. Make sure you have links to your social accounts on each advertisement you place, whether it’s an advertisement online or a sign on the street. Put information about your social media accounts at your cash register. Customers will read the sign while they’re waiting to make their purchase. Also, make sure that your employees know to tell your customers about your social media accounts.