This will be a very unique holiday season but despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, people are still going to find reasons to celebrate. And while people are getting creative about Christmas, you can also get creative about your business. Here are three opportunities to take advantage of this pandemic holiday season:


  • Gift-shopping Online

Nothing is going to stop Filipinos from exchanging gifts or doing Secret Santa. While we might not be able to give our presents in person, we can always have these tokens of affection delivered to our loved ones. Online marketplaces will be busier than ever with all sorts of holiday deals and discounts to encourage customers to buy more items.


If you have specialty gift items (particularly for staying safe during the pandemic) like customizable alcohol spray bottles, uniquely designed face masks or scented hand sanitizers, now is the time to put them online. Demand has never been higher and there are enough third party companies who can provide logistics services for you.


For more information on the best selling products this Christmas season, read this article.


  • Food Delivery

Many families will be staying at home for their safety but they will still want to share a special meal together for Noche Buena. Whether they will be ordering specialty treats or having ingredients delivered for them to cook, any catering or grocery business will have a wide and willing customer base this season.


With third party companies like GrabFood and FoodPanda taking care of deliveries, all you need to do is prepare your delicious products and help make families enjoy an unforgettable Christmas meal, all while also supporting your own family by making a profit.


  • Digital Entertainment

Christmas parties and large indoor gatherings may have been banned by the government, for everyone's safety, but nothing can stop Filipinos from finding creative ways of getting together. With all the video-conferencing platforms available now, families can still have reunions even if only via Zoom. And once the virtual party is under way, there needs to be entertainment.


The arts and live-events industry has been among the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic and many artists are struggling to find gigs. But the Christmas season is the opportunity to restore the livelihood of our talented performers.


If you have a stable internet connection, a decent webcam, a ring light, a microphone, and a talent for singing or hosting, you can provide entertainment for many a lonely family. Singers and bands have started streaming on platforms like Kumu, and somehow, they are still keeping the arts alive through technology.


Even with the wide range of digital entertainment available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+, nothing can take the place of live entertainment. While we cannot go door-to-door to carol anymore, at least we can still perform our favorite carols online.


These are just some of the opportunities businesses can make the most of while we are celebrating this unique holiday season. The spirit of Christmas is one of generosity and nothing could be truer to this than Filipinos supporting each other and patronizing local businesses during this trying time.