Essential retail like groceries, drugstores, and markets are allowed to operate during the pandemic provided that they follow safety protocols. Other non-essential forms of retail are only partially allowed to operate.

Safety Guidelines

Masks should always be worn by employees and customers

Social distancing should be observed by employees and customers

Partially allowed to operate means a maximum of 50% of your employees are only allowed to work onsite

Other Tips and Recommendations

Utilize an online store

Many stores have now moved to the virtual platform. E-commerce platforms such as Shoppee make it easy for retailers to diversify their income. This might be a good time to look into this. If you already have an online store, be sure to update your logistics and take a deep look at your e-commerce strategy.

Maximize your promotions

Be sure to promote your items but do so in a compassionate manner that shows your awareness of the current crisis. You may opt to promote gift cards that will keep your customers on their feet when they can safely return to your physical store. Online flash sales may be able to help keep the mind of your customers off the panic as well.

Stay relevant through social media

Now is a good time to bump up your social media presence and keep it strong. This is the perfect time to let your customer know what you are up to and update them on your current situation. Starting small initiatives such as posting current and factual information about the virus will not only be appreciated by your customers but will help you stay relevant as well. If you can afford it, you might consider wanting to give back to your local community through small donations.

As you navigate through these bleak times, we hope these tips give you a little clarity for your retail business.