Secure and Protect

For sectors and industries that requires physical presence of employees​

5 action points you can take today for your business

Evaluate the state of your business

This is the time for you to evaluate how your business is working during and after the ECQ.

Start evaluating the current state of your business by researching online about your business’ industry, attending webinars, and learning how to adjust to the new normal.

Knowing your state of business will help you determine the next step you will take. You can also ask your fellow entrepreneurs about their plans.

Plan how your employees will continue working during the pandemic

Welfare of your employees shloud be a priority. Regular health checks and social distancing measures shall be observed always. Be transparent and honest to your employees.

Ensure that your employees will be able to work despite the pandemic. It’s important to create a continuity plan that will ensure a workflow that will help you earn and at the same time protect your employees.

Keep in mind the safety guidelines while creating the work plan for your employees.

Assess your financial state

After analyzing the industry and state of your business, the next thing you should analyze is the financial state of your enterprise. This will help you determine if you should get a loan or continue your operation.

If you predict that your business will continue to incur losses, then it’s time to apply for a loan.

Consider applying for loans

After deciding on a continuity plan, start calculating the estimate cost to adapt your business into the new normal.

Afterwards, consider apply for loans.

Borrow loan to be able to sustain your business and continuous losses. This loan will help you break even your expenses until you increase income.

If all else fails, consider reinventing or exploring other business opportunities

This might be the time for you to find ways to reinvent your business and explore other opportunities.

You can put your thinking caps and brainstorm for a way to make your enterprise boom through other means.

Creating successful innovations can bring your business more revenue.

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