Food and Beverages

The food and beverage sector is allowed to work during the quarantine but with safety protocols.

Safety Guidelines

Masks should always be worn by employees and customers

Observe frequent sanitation practices such as handwashing and avoid touching surfaces and the face

Food chains and restaurants can only do take-out and delivery

Other Tips and Recommendations

Make use of delivery services

A huge number of the population were mandated to stay at home during the quarantine, and a portion of these population prefer to have take-out meals. The quarantine may come to a halt, but the pandemic still goes one. With this, people will still prefer to have take-out meals delivered in their homes.

Turn this situation into your advantage but having delivery services! There are certainly customers who crave the food you offer, so why not deliver it in their doorsteps? This will help you have a steady flow of income during the pandemic.

Have mobile/online ordering available for your customers

The use of telephones in ordering food and beverages still exists, but it’s not that popular anymore compared to mobile and online ordering. Now, people prefer ordering with just a tap of their finder. It not only allows people to just send their order through text but also it is more convenient for both customer and foodservice provider!

Set up a mobile number or a page your consumers can contact whenever they crave for your food. It can double the number of customers you usually have, as it will be easier for people to send you their orders.

Market your food and beverage online

Since lots of people are staying at home, they also spend most of their time online. Once they stumble into your page, they can hit like and look at your menu! They can even share the word about your page with other people.

Now that we are in the digital age, having an online presence is important. It’s an easy way to see if your business is credible, and a sure way to gain more customers. You can even come up with gimmicks such as creating discount coupons your customers can use if they recommend your enterprise to other people.