Fitness and Recreation Centers

The IATF has identified gyms, fitness studios, sports facilities, and other recreational centers as high-risk areas, and are therefore not allowed to operate for the entire community quarantine.

Tips and Recommendations

Establish an online presence

Some of your members might be on social media a lot these days, so try to reconnect with them through creating a private FB group (members only) to maintain communication with them for announcements and updates. This can also be an opportunity to attract new customers, who want to stay active while in quarantine.

Hold online classes

Apps such as Zoom and Skype can help you hold classes with your members. In this way, you can interact with your members in real-time, and you can stick to your usual time routine, just like when holding physical classes.

Make pre-recorded workouts

You can also opt to record your workout routines, edit, and polish them so your members can watch them at a time of their convenience and can watch it again.

Sell/rent gym products online

If your gym/fitness studio also sells headbands, dumbbells, or other gym equipment, you can sell or rent these products online through your social media accounts so interested customers can still have the necessary equipment while at home.

After this crisis, when your business is now allowed to operate, don’t forget to implement stricter hygiene measures. You can tell your customers to bring their own yoga mats, boxing gloves, and other items so as to reduce health risks. You can separate some gym equipment from the others to observe safe distancing. You can also encourage your customers to clean the equipment they have used, such as dumbbells and the handles, but make sure to have your cleaning staff attend to it after. Lastly, create a cleaning schedule to sanitize and disinfect the whole establishment.