Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the typical questions of MSMEs in relation to the current pandemic

Yes! All kinds of enterprises can operate after the ECQ. However, whether or not your business can fully operate depends on the type of industry your business falls into.

You can research for tips on how other businesses in your industry operated after the ECQ. You can also check out programs that you can participate in

Several government agencies and private institutions offer loans and programs to help MSMEs bounce forward to the “new normal”.

“New normal” means that businesses should adapt to the environment post-pandemic. Changes could be work-from-home arrangements, flexible work schedules, etc.

The Synergizing Recovery Initiatives, Knowledge, and Adaptation Practices for MSMEs (SIKAP) is an online COVID-19 recovery hub for entrepreneurs. SIKAP provides handy information that can modify businesses to the “new normal”.

Users of SIKAP can share their learnings from the information the recovery hub provided. These learnings can encourage other entrepreneurs to check SIKAP and adapt to the “new normal”.

SIKAP does not ask for payment – but we encourage you to create an account.