The agriculture sector is allowed to work during the quarantine but with safety protocols.

Safety Guidelines

Farmers should always wear masks

Observe frequent sanitation practices such as handwashing

Avoid touching surfaces and their face

Other Tips and Recommendations

Buy produce directly from farmers

You can help farmers by buying their fruits and vegetables from them directly. The lack of movement in communities equals to lack of buyers. After buying from the farmers, you can also resell it to other people. That way, you can generate income for yourself as well. The produce can also be used in community kitchens and relief packages of local government units.

Promote the idea of buying fruits and vegetables from farmers. You can create a community of people willing to buy directly from them. This will surely bring smiles in the faces of farmers. Supporting farmers during a health emergency crisis is a good deed, after all.

Distribute seeds in your community

Planting fruits and vegetables in your garden is a small yet impactful way of promoting agriculture. It is an activity you can do during the pandemic as it does not require you to leave your home. It can also be a bonding time for you and your family. This will give you an opportunity to produce fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables from your background.

Urban agriculture is also becoming more popular nowadays. You can also share seeds in your community to also encourage them to plant fruits and vegetables. Coordinate with your local government unit in distributing these seeds.

Strengthen the link between farmers and markets

The COVID-19 pandemic caused most farmers to have difficulty in selling their crops because of movement restrictions. This caused farmers to turn to social media to sell their products or give them away for free. What farmers need is a strong connection with markets especially during this trying time.

It is still necessary for people to go to markets even though there is a quarantine. You can help but coordinate with your local government unit on how to link farmers to markets. You can also be an avenue yourself by contacting farmers and helping them connect with your market.

The agriculture industry will always remain as the main industry in our tropical country, and now is an important time for us to show our support to our farmers. May this guide help you figure out how to help this valuable industry.